this. is. terrorism.


An Arizona man who on Wednesday reportedly killed four people, including a 47-year-old grandmother and a 15-month-old infant, and then took his own life was also a former Republican Party official, a former white supremacist neo-Nazi and the founder of a border patrol vigilante group that advocated using violence on immigrants.

On Thursday morning, police in Gilbert, Arizona confirmed that J.T. (Jason Todd) Ready had committed suicide after killing his girlfriend, 47-year-old Lisa Mederos, along with her daughter, her daughter’s boyfriend and her granddaughter, according to The Arizona Republic.

Profiles compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defemation League (ADL) indicated that the gunman was a white supremacist with ties to the Arizona Republican Party.

Ready had a history of violence going back to the 1990s. He was arrested for aggravated assault with a weapon in 1992 and then court-martialed twice while in the Marine Corps in 1996. He was discharged after being found guilty of conspiracy, assault, and wrongful solicitation and advice.

After failing to win a bid for the Arizona House of Representatives in 2004, Ready made headlines for firing a pistol at a Latino man while running for Mesa City Council in March 2006. His candidacy ended when an attempt to become master of ceremonies at the Mesa Veteran’s Day parade when his his courts-martial were revealed.

By running unopposed in 2006, Ready successfully secured a position as Maricopa County Republican precinct committeeman in a west Mesa district. In 2007, he gave a speech at a neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM) rally as a “Arizona Republican activist.” Later that year, Ready created a profile on NSM’s neo-Nazi New Saxon website.

Even after exposing himself as a white supremacist, ready shared the stage with state Senator Russell Pearce at an anti-immigration rally in June 2007. Pearce later said that he had been unaware of Ready’s neo-Nazi connections.

In an interview with Fox 10, Ready called Pearce, who sponsored Arizona’s anti-immigration SB1070 law, a “surrogate father” who “enlightened him.” Ready had claimed that he had been with Pearce’s son, Josh, when the younger Pearce got a racist tattoo on his neck and chest — an iron eagle with a swastika.

Seven months after Ready distributed racist and anti-Semitic materials at a Republican Committee meeting, Arizona congressmen John Shadegg, Jeff Flake, and Trent Franks wrote to the chairman of the local Republican Party and asked that he be ousted as precinct committeeman.

Jason Todd Ready is a terrorist. You got that? A white, American terrorist.


An African-American Congresswoman from New York was forced to call the police on Thursday after she says an edited video posted on Glenn Beck’s website incited threats of violence against her.

Judith Kargbo, a spokeswoman for Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY), confirmed that the Congresswoman’s office had asked Capital Police to investigate calls threatening the lawmaker.

“On April 19th, the congresswoman went within the district to speak to Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform,” Kargbo explained. “There she was giving an overview of her agenda in Congress and pretty much using the example of the tea party to show how important mobilization is and organization is.”

“That clip that was originally on the Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform site was edited and was posted up on, and that of course is Glenn Beck’s website,” she continued. “That was edited down and what people were taking away from it was that the congresswoman was saying that all tea party members are crazy and all tea party individuals show the ugly side of the United States.”

Kargbo said there were a “range of calls” after the video posted. While some were very respectful, one was “threatening in nature.”

“Something to the effect — I don’t have the exact words — of, ‘She thinks we’re crazy, that b-word has not seen nothing yet,’” she recalled.

“Things like that we have to take seriously,” Kargbo explained, noting that the Congresswoman’s office is located next to the office where former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) worked before being shot in 2011.

In a statement on Thursday, Clarke pointed out that the threats “demonstrate the volatile political environment of 2012.”

“Know that I find it extremely disappointing that my words were edited and removed from context,” she added. “I stand by my statement and I will not be intimidated by those who use fear to make their point known.”

Glenn Beck is a terrorist. He uses the tiny amount of power he has (in this case power= a mindless audience) to attempt to intimidate or even injure politicians…and anyone else.


Meet The Guy Who Bombed The Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Clinic Sunday Night - The Frisky

Above. What a terrorist looks like.

Speaking to a federal judge in Green Bay, Francis Grady said he wanted to plead guilty to the arson fire that damaged a Planned Parenthood facility in Grand Chute April 1.

Grady made the comment during his initial appearance in federal court Wednesday. He also asked the judge if he knew how many babies were being killed at the clinic.

According to the criminal complaint, Grady used a hammer to break a window of the clinic and then poured gasoline inside, lighting the room on fire. 

After being arrested, the complaint states Grady admitted to officers, “I lit up the clinic.”

Grady appeared in court wearing a neck brace, and offering to plead guilty “today.”

The judge set a preliminary hearing for April 19. Grady is being held in the Outagamie County Jail.